Metallurgy Solutions
Branch has far for the steel industry has provided a large number of proven engineering, stable and reliable programs and equipment.
Program Overview

The automatic control of metallurgical production process includes the main production processes such as mining, mineral processing, smelting, casting and metal rolling, and the auxiliary production processes such as water, electricity, heat, oxygen and gas supply. The automation solution for metallurgical industry uses a batch of core products focusing on NT6000 distributed control system (DCS), Syncbase real-time database and intelligent valve control device to complete material tracking, equipment condition monitoring and control, process parameter monitoring and control, operation instruction, production parameter recording, alarming and print statement and other auxiliary functions.

Currently, SCIYON has provided stable and reliable solutions and equipment verified by numerous engineering practices for the iron and steel industry, offering enterprises with high-quality automation systems and excellent engineering solutions either from blast furnace body to auxiliary work section, or from production process control to corporate top management.

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