Building Solutions
Section far shares to change the traditional PLC control, the NT6000 decentralized control system (DCS) used in the building materials industry, and developed a series of reliable, advanced and easy-to-use automation products.
Program Overview

The production process equipment in modern building material industry has large unit power and strong production continuity, and the production process requires relatively high quickness and coordination. In order to increase corporate competitiveness, the implementation of automatic control is vital. Based on long-term practice and accumulation, SCIYON changes the traditional PLC control mode by applying NT6000 distributed control system (DCS) to the building material industry and developing a series of reliable, advanced and easy-to-use automation products, which can provide enterprises with an integrated solution from the bottom level production control to the corporate top management. Meanwhile, SCIYON has an expert team with production techniques and production management knowledge and an experienced engineering implementation team, which can increase corporate automation informationization level and achieve the goal of energy conservation, emission reduction, cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

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