Shipping Solutions
Based on many years of experience in the automation industry, Ke Yuan shares has developed a multi-functional integrated marine automation system that integrates engine room automation, navigation automation, information integration and vehicle loading.
Program Overview

Modern ships have higher and higher requirements on operation, from security and reliability to navigation cost. Based on years' of experience in automation industry, SCIYON has developed a multi-functional comprehensive ship automation system integrating engine room automation, navigation automation, information integration and loading automation. This system is usually composed of two mother workstations, several sub-control systems and several sub-workstations, and the mother workstation is usually set in another cab of the engine room control cabin. The two mother workstations are fully independent from each other, which can work simultaneously or independently and are the standby of each other.

With the rapid development of ship markets and marine engineering markets both at home and abroad, SCIYON has become a brand with outstanding influence in the industry. We can, according to customer demands, concentrate on providing various marine electric equipment to meet multiple requirements in various markets such as ocean-going ships, offshore oil platforms, engineering ships and research vessels.

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