Petrochemical Solutions
In the chemical industry, SCIYON has successfully implemented thousands of projects, forming a series of professional solutions for petrochemical, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.
Program Overview

SCIYON in chemical industry, which has more than thousands of successful project, formed a petrochemical, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and a series of professional solutions, has accumulated rich experience in project management and project implementation. Can provide customers with distributed control system (DCS), safety instrument system (SIS), fire and gas detection system (head), combustible gas and toxic gas detection system (GDS), intelligent device management system (AMS), manufacturing execution system (MES), etc.

SCIYON for chemical enterprise production control and management of the project, not only can be timely and accurately reflect the change of process parameters, and on this basis to realize the accurate control of process parameters, achieve the purpose of raise the level of enterprise production automation, but also reflects the enterprise's management level, truly to the quality, to reduce the cost benefit, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of chemical enterprises.

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