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  • Selection

    With the occupation morals and occupation skill identification, Keyuan enterprise culture, is the basic condition for us to have both ability and political integrity, talent identification to make a contribution;

    Not blind qualifications, qualifications and experience, ability and potential is a prerequisite for our evaluation of talent, with extraordinary learning ability, self-learning ability and application ability, but also has good quality, talent is our aim for the cultivation and introduction of the target;

    We are looking for people who can own practical action, to move the partners, customers, and moved far touched by their own people;

    "We're looking for people, looking for people who like to win, and if we don't find it, we'll find those who hate it."

  • Utilization

    "Results oriented performance heroes" is one of the most basic methods far evaluation of employee ability and performance level;

    "Jobs without distinction or distinction, all employees, regardless of rank, regardless of position, equality in personality;

    We believe that only if we take the initiative and down-to-earth work in front of us, will we have the chance to succeed and improve the current situation so that we can have a better future and tomorrow.

    "A high degree of professionalism, excellence" is our sciyon people work style, "put all our talent and dedication to the customer and product" is the basic quality of our excellent staff, we firmly believe that success is not as smart, not just because of the ability, but because of the intentions and efforts;

    "Power and responsibility are equal, not only rights but rationalizes; award excellence punishes bad, not only relatives but only virtuous".

  • Development

    We respect and pay attention to every employee of the company, and tried to create a fair, caring, smooth communication and positive working atmosphere, to create a good common working environment, work together, Our wills unite like a fortress. and career development platform;

    We firmly believe that education and training are the most important work, and are committed to creating an environment suitable for the development of employees and encouraging the support of the staff.

    The company attaches great importance to the occupation development space of knowledge workers, the qualified staff Keyuan has strong employment competition ability, the knowledge staff to work continuously to improve the level of skills, provide challenging work for employees;

    Take the needs of the company as the starting point of the work, study in the work, and grow in the study.

  • Retention

    "Appeal to sciyon career, preferential treatment to attract people, excellent cultural cohesion, create conditions for the achievement of human"