SyncPlant Intelligent Management and Control System
SyncPlant Management Integrated Information System

It is awarded China excellent software product, national key new product, outstanding achievement award for informatization in power industry, and "Jinhui Award" for software products.

With the Sciyon SyncPlant intelligent management/control system designed for building intelligent power generation enterprises, users can, in real time, learn the information on equipment operation/maintenance, production and operation of enterprises and make supporting decisions. With the comprehensive performance management of power generation enterprises as the guideline, the intelligent safe production as the main line, and the full production process management, comprehensive budget management, equipment full-life cycle management and comprehensive risk management as the core, and adopting the industrial 4.0 information technologies such as Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and mobile applications, it connects the information involving corporate production and operation management such as human resource, material, technology, environmental protection, safety, cost and performance, covering the information management of the whole process of corporate production and operation, so as to realize the real intellectualization and the integration of management, control and operation.

  • Based on reliable equipment safety management, and focusing on management and benefits

  • With comprehensive budget implemented throughout the whole process, and with real-time performance assessment as the core driving force

  • Integrated management on infrastructure construction, production and operation

  • Object-oriented multi-granularity hierarchical safety control system, which is safe, reliable and easy to expand

  • Convenient and robust secondary development platform

  • Operation optimizating system based on big data analysis and real-time benchmarking evaluation system

  • Management cockpit system oriented to different roles

  • Report system with document WYSIWYG

  • Visual workflow system combining function settings with process customization

  • Complete and traceable system logs

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