3D Panoramic Virtual Factory

A Factory 3D model is built through 3D modeling. Driven by 3D engine and utilizing virtual reality technology, it can present the physical distribution of the equipment and the operation of facilities in the whole factory in 3D form in PC system. It describes and reflects the physical relation of equipment in a most natural, panoramic, immersive, materialized and authentic manner, generates precise object, location and hierarchy description, and provides accurate panoramic presentation. It achieves the functions such as visual navigation and roaming throughout the factory, visual equipment disassembly and assembly, and process simulation and equipment principle training.

  • Computer 3D display and roaming of the ground part of the factory;

  • Computer 3D display and roaming of the underground pipelines of the factory;

  • Association between all design drawings, materials and parameters of the factory and 3D models;

  • Bidirectional association between SIS and MIS system data and 3D models;

  • Association with DCS data, realizing 2D and 3D linkage and visual equipment monitoring;

  • Bidirectional association between equipment maintenance warehouse and spare parts warehouse and 3D models;

  • Performing development and demonstration of visual operation procedures;

  • Simulation of process flow simulation and demonstration of equipment principles;

  • Exchanging data with engineering management software to develop visual progress;

  • Performing visual construction or overhaul simulation in a 3D environment;

  • Providing a document management system with automatic association between documents and 3D models;

  • All 3D models supporting KKS codes.

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