SyncRTLS Intelligent Safe Production Management System
SyncRTLS intelligent production safety management system

The SyncRTLS safety management system based on high-precision positioning is developed according to the demands of power generation enterprises for safe production and management and through the means such as high-precision positioning technology, 3D visualization technology and intelligent information processing technology. It comprehensively upgrades the technical means for safe production management of power generation enterprises from passive monitoring to active monitoring, fully realizes the active safety control mode featuring full automation, full-area coverage, all-weather coverage and all-target coverage, and achieves precise location, tracking and monitoring of "human, vehicle and object" no matter in complex indoor building environments or in outdoor environments, with the granularity of safety control precisely defined to the individual unit of "human or object" for the first time; meanwhile, it realizes seamless linkage with traditional video monitoring, perimeter alarming and other security systems, and provides 3D visual presentation to users through 3D modeling.

  • Real-time monitoring of personnel location information;

  • Query and playback of historical personnel movement trajectory;

  • Using virtual electronic fence for ultra vires alarming;

  • Integration with video monitoring systems for capturing and obtaining evidences on violation;

  • Integration with access control systems to realize application of all-in-one cards;

  • Combining with attendance checking for access management on external personnel or visitors;

  • Management of important tools, instruments and equipment assets;

  • Identification of regional or major hazards, and protection of key areas;

  • Combining with equipment QR-code to realize intelligent patrol inspection;

  • Realizing intelligent two-ticket security management.

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