Intelligent Simulation and Training System
Intelligent Simulation and Training System

The intelligent simulation and training system is a new generation of simulation and training system developed by SCIYON after the successful R&D of virtual DCS simulation systems. In the virtual DCS simulation system, the hardware of DCS controllers is virtualized as a software system running in computers, which directly uses the control strategy software and HMI software of the DCS system, realizing that the control function is exactly the same as the practical functions of the DCS system. The intelligent simulation and training system is more advanced on this basis in that the function of inputting actual data into the simulation system is developed. The system can display not only the data of the simulation system but also the actual data of power plants input into it through unidirectional transmission control, thus realizing the simultaneous display of simulation data and actual data. The precision of simulation system is significantly improved by verifying the simulation system data with the actual data.

  • Complete functions and wide coverage

  • High precision of simulation models

  • Elegant operation interface

  • Virtual DCS functions, control system

  • Online function

  • Semi-physical function

  • 3D visual function

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