Smart Pipes
Wisdom heat network

With the intelligent heating network, centralized monitoring management, malfunction detection, remote control, report analysis, etc. can be realized for heating networks. Based on intelligent analysis and calculation of operation parameters, sound e operation plans of heating system can be developed  so as to carry out reasonable dispatching and commanding. It can help improve heating management efficiency, avoid capital risks and make operation decisions through the application of the functions such as heating network data acquisition & monitoring system, intelligent prepayment system, pipe network GIS, 3D visualization system, intelligent patrol inspection system, intelligent analysis system and heat consumer management system, thus significantly improving the overall economic benefit of heating.

  • Data acquisition & monitoring system: acquisition and monitoring of pipe network and heat consumer data, and remote control of prepaid valves;

  • Intelligent prepayment system: realizing top-up payment before steam consumption, accelerating payment collection, and increasing capital turnover rate;

  • Pipe network GIS: comprehensively presenting the geographic distribution and important parameters of pipe network and heat consumers;

  • 3D visualization system: 3D visual display of heating pipe network, main equipment and important branches;

  • Intelligent patrol inspection system: arrangement of patrol inspection tasks, uploading of patrol inspection abnormalities, playpack of patrol inspection trajectory, and statistical analysis of patrol inspection results;

  • Intelligent analysis system: pipe damage analysis, year-on-year and month-on-month analysis of steam consumption, heat consumption feature analysis of heat consumers, etc.;

  • Heat consumer management system: contract management, industrial classification, steam consumption plan management, etc.

  • Mobile working platform: mobile office, data query, supporting analysis, alarm message notification, etc.;

  • Others: customization of special functions according to the needs of heating companies;

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