Intelligent Fuel
Smart fuel

The SCIYON intelligent fuel, though utilization of automation technologies, network technologies and Internet of things technologies, makes intelligent whole-process monitoring and scheduling of fuel production equipment , establishing of a centralized fuel monitoring center, online monitoring and remote control of fuel equipment operation, and effective integration of the links such as sampling, preparation and testing, the areas such as arrival, site storage and waiting-for-use, and the systems such as video monitoring and access control, possible, thus realizing high-degree coordination of different business operations, so as to increase the efficiency of fuel production and operation activities, ensure authenticity, accuracy and reliability of the quantity, quality and price data of arrival coal, waiting-for-use coal and stock coal, and provide effective guarantee for enterprises to control cost and increase efficiency.

  • Intelligent arrival acceptance, covering the whole process of fuel arrival, measuring and leaving and adopting Internet of things technology, RFID identification and positioning technology to realize unattended operation of coal arrival and weighing.

  • Intelligent sampling and preparation integration, covering mechanical sampling in carriages, sampling in the middle of belts and fully-automatic preparation, realizing the remote control over sampling and preparation equipment and the monitoring of equipment operation, automatically executing sampling programs, and reducing human intervention.

  • Digital laboratory, covering environmental parameter monitoring, testing equipment monitoring, data acquisition, testing process, and sample quality management/control, and realizing programmed testing process, networked testing equipment, controlled testing data and visualized testing operations.

  • Digital coal field, covering the management operations such as receiving and unloading, coal yard, stacking, blending and consumption, connected to coal checking instrument, and presenting in a 3D way the quantity, quality and price information of stock coal in the coal field.

  • Supporting group application, meeting group business management/control, tracking and risk controlling of centralized purchase, allocation and transportation, settlement and cost and profit, realizing the concentration of multi-company and multi-business data, and achieving the goal of multi-company benchmarking, constant improvement and gradual promotion.

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