Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

SCIYON MES utilizes the main production process from raw materials to finished products and the supporting process related to the main process such as technology, quality, safety and environmental protection, and equipment maintenance to complete the collection, organization, sorting, analysis and integration of relevant data, establish a production execution workflow from planning to instruction, execution, feedback and archiving, and ensure that the work execution standards are traceable and could be assessed, so as to provide corporate production and management personnel with production process monitoring and management tools and guarantee the continuous and stable operation of production equipment.

  • Taking market as the orientation, finance as the core, and quality as the center

  • Taking the whole production process under control, quick response, maintaining productivity, and realizing delivery according to scheduling and agreed quantity and quality

  • Whole-process closed-loop management for supply chain, shortened delivery time, and increased delivery punctuality

  • Intelligent and effective energy management/control system

  • Object-oriented multi-granularity hierarchical safety control system, which is safe, reliable and easy to expand

  • Convenient and robust secondary development platform

  • Report system with document WYSIWYG

  • Visual workflow system combining functional settings with process customization

  • Complete and traceable system logs

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