NT6000 Intelligent Distribute Control System
NT6000 decentralized control system

It supports field buses of multiple protocols, and incorporates advanced functions, such as 3D visualized monitoring, video patrol inspection, intelligent combustion optimization based on boiler CT, control optimization, Automatic Power Plant Startup and Shutdown (APS), intelligent operating trouble diagnosis and accident prediction, iDS3000 rotating machinery fault diagnosis and accident forecasting, and 3D visualized online simulation, are developed based on conventional functions. And, it provides a complete solution for realizing the automatic operation, omnipotent on-duty and few-people inspection in the process industry.

  • Large industrial-level distributed bus system

  • With CE certificate, UL certificate and SIL3 certificate on electromagnetic compatibility, and of G3 grade

  • Adopting fail-safe design: supporting full redundancy, multiple isolations, network information security and whole-system self-diagnosis

  • Fast and precise control, with the control period less than 100mS and a minimum of 5mS

  • Distributed SOE design

  • Intelligent and easy-to-use design: supporting maintenance-free configuration, undisturbed online configuration, custom module, program encryption, etc.

  • Providing abundant professional software and hardware control modules in the process industry

  • Supporting multi-bus protocols such as Modbus RTU/TCP, Profibus DP/PA, HART, FF and CAN

  • Developing various intelligent functional applications

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