DEH-NK Digital Electro-hydraulic Control System
DEH-NTK turbine digital electro-hydraulic control system

The DEH-NTK steam turbine control system draws on the advantages of many similar systems made at home and abroad, and uses the hardware and software of international standards or mainstream industrial hardware and software based on high-speed network and functionally powerful DPU to construct an open industrial control system, fully presenting the features of "reliable", "easy to use" and "advanced".

  • Military-level distributed processing unit, operation at a wide temperature range of -20-70 ℃ temperature, and fan-free design. High-performance and low-consumption multiprocessor architecture, with powerful processing capacity and excellent computation performance. Concurrent operation of main and standby  controllers without switching and with higher reliability. FPGA-based malfunction monitoring and diagnosis circuit, providing reliable, complete and rich self-diagnostic information and self-recovery capacity.

  • "Intelligent" I/O modules with embedded high-performance and low-consumption industrial processor, realizing module-level independence. Modular structure, with surface mounting process and electromagnetic compatibility of IEC Level-3 standard. Low-density design, supporting hot plugging and online undisturbed module replacement. Module-level and channel-level malfunction self-diagnosis, and remote and onsite display. High-speed scanning, precise anti-vibration, high measurement precision and high response speed, realizing system-level SOE function. With the fail-safe function.

  • Redundant industrial Ethernet network with physical isolation, with each network equipment provided with two independent network ports, simultaneous working of two networks, data filtration at receiver terminal, and network  redundancy switching time of 0s; completely equivalent network structure, adopting the active sending mechanism of controller based on multicast technology, with the controller featuring defined data service task, constant load, operation response period of less than 700ms and more reliable operation.

  • Intelligent and easy-to-use configuration software, drawized configuration mode, configuration results output directly in the form of SAMA diagram, and no need of repeated drawing of logic diagrams and SAMA diagrams. Perfect online configuration, no need of editing configuration results, and direct downloading and running.

  • Abundant control modules of the automation profession, and custom module functions, providing powerful tools and large platforms for thermal control engineers.

  • Supporting bus protocols such as Modbus RTU/TCP, Profibus DP/PA, HART, FF and CAN, and easily realizing the connection with various field instruments, frequency converters, analysis instruments, PLCs, etc. Providing communication interfaces such as OPC, offering opportunities for direct data exchange with third-party control systems and applications.

  • Special network isolation device, unidirectional transmission of data, special transmission protocol, and seamless connection with the management information system, guaranteeing the security of control system.

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