Intelligent Combustion Optimizing System
Intelligent combustion optimization system

Based on the combustion theory of Southeast University and the simulation of boiler combustion values, and taking the combustion control logic of SCIYON as the means, the intelligent combustion optimizing system of pulverized coal boilers can guide in real time the safe, stable and economic long-term operation of the power station boiler.

Designed from two basic elements, i.e., fuel and air, of combustion control, the SCIYON intelligent combustion optimization system comprises online pulverized coal monitoring system and the coal powder concentration equalization system through independent R&D. The secondary air volume soft sensing system of each level provides reliable real-time measurement data for the intelligent combustion optimizing system.

The combustion value simulation theory of Southeast University provides numerical evaluation standards for judging the combustion quality of specific boilers and reliable optimization standards for the intelligent combustion optimizing system.

  • Intelligent leveling of primary air speed

  • Intelligent equalization of primary pulverized coal concentration

  • Intelligent measurement of secondary air volume at nozzle

  • Optimization control on secondary air distribution mode

  • Intelligent monitoring of the "air-coal ratio" of combustor nozzle

  • Intelligent monitoring of burn-out airand over fire air

  • Intelligent monitoring of boiler efficiency and pollutant emission

  • Intelligent warning of pulverized coal piping blockage and nozzle scorification


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