Equipment Fault Diagnosis and Early Warning Based on Expert System
Equipment Fault Diagnosis and Early Warning Based on Expert System

The equipment malfunction diagnosis and early warning based on expert system is a multi-task malfunction diagnosis system combining multiple data sources and integrating status monitoring, trend analysis, malfunction diagnosis, malfunction handling and malfunction statistical analysis. It utilizes big data technology, artificial intelligence and expert system technologies to realize equipment malfunction diagnosis, not only analyzing vibration signals, but also including massive process data; it can, in a timely manner, detect the early malfunction signs, provide early warning, make use of expert system for malfunction diagnose, and guide the scientific and reasonable malfunction handling; it can replace part of the work of vibration experts in electric power center experimental research institutes, electric power research institutes, and universities and colleges; it provides remote malfunction diagnosis function; and it is particularly suitable for remote power plants.

  • Powerful data acquisition and analytical processing capability;

  • Unique malfunction feature extraction methods such as correlation analysis and malfunction waveform matching;

  • Unique warning ways and multiple warning indicators;

  • Fast and accurate equipment malfunction analysis;

  • Reasoning knowledge on malfunction diagnosis provided by top domestic industrial experts.

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