Intelligent Operation Optimizing System Based on Big Data Analysis
Intelligent Operation Optimization System Based on Big Data Analysis

The intelligent operation optimizing system based on big data analysis is a dynamic optimizing system, which forms a full-condition database containing various dimensions (time, load, ambient temperature, circulating water temperature, fuel nature, operation shift, equipment overhaul, grid tariff, fuel price, etc.) by collecting, converting, excavating and analyzing massive historical data in multiple data sources such as the real-time database and relational database of power plants, and develops gradually with the continuous operation of units and the continuous accumulation of data. It can guide the operators to take the currently best operation mode in different working conditions, thus generating the maximum benefits. It is applicable to the coal-fired units, combined cycle units, biomass power plants, etc. of different capacities.


  • Data sources supporting various common real-time databases, relational databases and text files in China;

  • Flexible deployment, supporting distributed and stand-alone deployment, and meeting the demands at various power plant-level and group-level users;

  • Professional operation optimizing modules, providing various common operation optimizing modules in thermal power plants, and meeting specific user demands through configuration;

  • Interactive data analysis, i.e. users can quickly and intuitively analyze the changes in various indicator data through rich figures and tables;

  • Fast modeling, i.e. users can configure and create computation models suitable for their specific conditions based on various equipment-level and system-level performance computing templates provided by the software..

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