SC200/300 Integration/Middle-large Sized PLC
SC200 integrated PLC

It is the preferred product for network control systems. It can realize not only simple logical sequence control, but also partial motion control and the networking automation control mode of distributed IO.

SC200 series PLC are widely applied in machine tools, punching machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, construction machinery, packaging machinery, plastics machinery, transportation equipment, heating network monitoring and controlling, central air conditioning, constant-pressure water supply, elevator and escalator, rubber industry, various production lines, etc. 

  • High-performance and low-consumption design

  • Compact, small, and highly reliable

  • Instruction system using convenient, powerful and perfect floating-point operation instructions

  • Convenient programming and development of applications 

  • Powerful industrial Ethernet interface

  • Powerful SCStudio programming software

  • Supporting remote assistance, including upload, download, and online monitoring

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