SyncView Touch Screen
SyncView touch screen

SyncView is a full-touchscreen HMI specially designed by SCIYON, and also a leading HMI product in China.

SyncView HMI has two specifications, i.e., 7-inch and 10-inch, uses high-performance ARM processor, 512M memory and 64K high-resolution true color LCD screen, and incorporates abundant communication interfaces such as RS485, RS232, USB and Ethernet, providing customers with high-quality engineering graphics display, comprehensive historical curves and other data presentations and widely applied in various industrial automation fields such as machinery manufacturing and system engineering display. 

  • Simple, flexible and WYSIWYG visual development interface, and simple, easy-to-use and convenient for users to develop application interfaces;

  • Abundant and vivid multi-media interface, to provide customers with information in multiple forms such as image, icons and curves;

  • Powerful network functions, supporting communication interfaces such as Ethernet, USB, RS485 and RS232;

  • Consummated security mechanism, setting different operating authorities for users at different levels ;

  • Diversified alarming functions, convenient for users to set alarming;

  • Electromagnetic compatibility Level 3 standard

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