S-series Intelligent Electric Actuator
S series of intelligent electric actuator

With over two decades of experience in the industrial automation industry, SCIYON has built a professional team with craftsmanship spirit, which has been engaged in technical R&D, product innovation, quality improvement and lean production. The electric actuators designed and manufactured by SCIYON are intelligent, stable, reliable, easy to use and compliant with international high-end standards, and are widely applied in the fields such as thermal power, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, ships, aerospace and public utilities.  SCIYON electric actuators provide first-class service for every customer, have won trust from both Chinese and foreign customers with early site surveying and mapping, fast delivery, installation and maintenance, and become a model in the industry of electric actuators.

  • Complete product categories, and applicable to various industries and environments:

Multiple product application categories: three categories of electric actuator, i.e., SYM/K multi-turn, STM/K angular-travel and SLM straight-travel, applicable to various application fields, and meeting the demands in special application fields by coordinating various solutions.

Multi-power solutions: 220VAC, 380VAC, 400VAC, 440VAC and 480VAC;

Explosion-proof solutions: applicable to explosive environments, with explosion-proof grade of ExdⅡCT4 and ambient temperature of -20~60℃.

Bus solutions: diversified bus PROFIBUS redundant bus, Modbus bus, HART field bus, etc. 

Water-proof solutions: fully waterproof and dust-proof, protection degree of IP68 and 10m/72h;

Ocean-type solutions: applicable to high salt-mist environments in ocean and coastal areas, fully waterproof and dust-proof, protection degree of IP68 and 10m/72h;

Split-type solutions: applicable to the environment that is inconvenient for observation, commissioning or maintenance, with maximum splitting distance reaching 50m;

High-temperature solutions: applicable to the ambient temperature of -25~105℃, with protection degree of IP67;

  • Cutting-edge, reliable and stable design:

Absolute encoder technology, and always accurate recording of valve positions;

Ultra high control accuracy, and precise valve operation;

Noninvasive design, fully realizing non-opening commissioning;

Reliable sealing, with protection degree meeting IP68 requirements;

Easy switching between manual and electric modes, and easy operation of hand wheels;

Ultra strong anti-interference ability, with EMC electromagnetic compatibility test reaching industry Level 3;

Non-volatile data storage, reliable and comprehensive data recording.

  • Easy to operate and convenient to use:

User-friendly interface, abundant information, and intuitive transmission;

Simple and flexible control mode, meeting the requirements of different users;

 Internationally standard output interfaces , easier to install and maintain.

  • Safe and reliable intelligent protection and data recording:

Precise torque protection, precise measurement of valve opening and closing, and uninterrupted protection of torque changes;

Stroke limit protection, featuring high limit precision of digital limit technology and no limitation on limit range;

Instantaneous reverse-rotation protection, preventing damage to the mechanical transmission mechanism caused by impact loads;

Valve discharge blocking protection, reducing user site maintenance workload;

Intelligent motor safety protection, providing lack-of-phase protection, overheat protection, over-current protection, torque protection, etc.;

Control state protection, locking the control state with a coded lock and protecting safe operation;

Self-detection and self-diagnosis function: detecting the operation state and operation information.

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