3.5-sector Air Pre-heater
3.5 points empty preheater

Compared with conventional 3-partition air pre-heater, 3.5-partition air pre-heater has comprehensive advantages such as "low resistance, low air leakage rate, and low exhaust gas temperature", especially the excellent anti-clogging feature, which can solve the common ash clogging problem of air pre-heaters. The specific realization way is as follows: recycle air leakage (at around 300℃) at the heating end of the air pre-heater through air leakage extraction fan, pressurize the air with a blower, and then connect it to the secondary air cooling end; guarantee through the sealing sub-design at the cooling end that the recycled high-temperature air leakage will not mixed with the cold air, but pass independently through a partitioned heat storage element; set a partial high-temperature and high-flow rate area, and adopt the mode of "high temperature gasification, fly ash abrasion, and accelerating stripping" to clean the ash deposits online and in real time, thus thoroughly solving the problem of easy ash clogging in air pre-heaters caused by denitration transformation and ultra-low emission transformation.


  • Preventing ash clogging in air pre-heater, and maintaining for long period the resistance at the flue/gas side at the design value or not exceeding 120% of the initial operation value.

  • Recycling a large amount of air leakage from the heating end of air pre-heater, so as to reduce the air leakage rate at full load to below 3%.

  • Increasing the effective utilization area of heat storage element and increasing the cleanliness of heat storage elements, so as to reduce the flue emission temperature by 3-15℃.

  • Allowing the reduction of ash blowing frequency by steam to one time per day without causing ash clogging in air pre-heater, so as to save a large amount of high-quality steam and prolong the service life of heat storage elements.

  • Allowing the ammonia escape from denitration system to reach 10ppm without causing ash clogging in air pre-heater, so as to create conditions for prolonging the service life of denitration catalyst.

  • Allowing the long-term reduction of flue emission temperature to 100-115℃ without causing ash clogging in air pre-heater, and taking technical measures such as using shutdown heater and hot-wind recirculation system, using non-enamel efficient heat storage elements, increasing the height of heat storage elements and replacing the waveform of heat storage elements to excavate he potential reducing the loss from flue emission, so as to increase the boiler efficiency to as high as 95%.

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