KD200/210 series of high-performance inverter
KD200/210 series of high-performance inverter

KD200-series high-performance vector frequency converter uses the cutting-edge dual-MCU parallel design architecture, not only adopting the current vector control technology matching international leading technologies in motor algorithm, but also integrating SCIYON SC200-series PLC operation kernel, thus having abundant and powerful functions; meanwhile, combining the application features in China, it further strengthens product reliability and environmental adaptation design, thus better meeting the driving demands of various motors and matching international first-class variable frequency driving products.

KD210 high-performance economic converter uses modular design, has small size, lower temperature and reliable performance, and adopts advanced vectorized V/F or current vector algorithm, realizing high-torque, high-precision, high-reliability, wide speed regulating asynchronous motor driving control and enabling efficiency operation of motors.


KD200 Functions and features:

  • Excellent vector control performance

  • High-precision torque characteristics

  • Leading non-PG permanent magnet synchronous motor control algorithm

  • Diversified control modes, e.g., V/F, SVC and VC

  • Real realization of no-tripping operation

  • Treatment measures for instantaneous power drop of power grid

  • Excellent motor learning performance

  • Excellent DC braking function

  • Shared DC bus technology

  • Abundant and flexible functions

  • High reliability and environmental tolerance

KD210 Functions and features:

  • Vectorized V/F control or non-PG vector control mode

  • Output frequency: 0.1-600Hz

  • Carrier wave frequency reaching 16kHz

  • Automatic torque increase and automatic slip frequency compensation function

  • Built-in multi-functional PID control algorithm

  • Built-in 500 variables PLC ladder diagram control

  • Built-in Modbus RS485 communication interface

  • Built-in braking unit

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