KD310/KD311 special frequency converter for construction elevator

KD310/KD311-series frequency converter is a new generation of high-performance vector inverter developed by SCIYON specially for construction elevator industry.

KD310/KD311-series frequency converter is a real current vector transducer adopting high-performance DSP+32-digital RISC processor chip dual-core design, running vectorized V/F algorithm, non-velocity vector control algorithm and encoder closed-loop vector algorithm, and having advanced inverter core algorithm and excellent hardware/software optimization design, thus guaranteeing system reliability of the frequency inverter under the conditions such as frequent start/stop, hostile environment and long heavy-loading operation.

SCIYON provides the construction elevator industry with a complete "Internet +" electric control solution, the main functions of which include: frequency converter driving module, braking module, logic operation, weight limit protection, automatic leveling function, remote GPRS monitoring, video snapshot inside elevator, "black box" accident parameter recalling, manufacturer user management, installment authorization management, and other powerful complete solutions for construction elevator informationization.

  • Excellent vectorized VF algorithm and motor speed regulation performance, no "over-travel" in upward and downward , no "sense of weightlessness" in downward moment, stable torque output of 0.5Hz/150%.

  • Professional PLC logic control and monitoring, and complete electronic product reliability design and manufacturing management/control system of the listed company, ensuring the reliability and stability of delivered products.

  • Innovative elevator "black box" monitoring function, recording the operation state every 0.1 second, capturing any dry contact and limit action state, and traceable malfunction warming, thus guaranteeing the safety and reliability of machine.

  • Small, smart and thin, easy for installation inside the cage, factory customization of parameters, no need of onsite parameter setting.

  • Powerful information management cloud platform and "black box" accident recall system.

  • Equipment ledger, recording all information of the equipment from parts to maintenance, and achieving full-service life management.

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