Powder parameter Measurement in Primary Air

The system can carry out safe, reliable and stable online measurement of primary air speed, concentration and secondary air flow. It can display in real time the collected data, save it for future analysis, and include it to the DCS system. Power generation enterprises can adjust the primary air speed, concentration and secondary air flow according to the measurement results, thus optimizing combustion, saving energy, reducing emission, increasing combustion efficiency, reducing costs, and improving the competitiveness of power generation enterprises.

  • Supporting the measurement of the parameters such as primary air speed, concentration and secondary air volume

  • Online real-time measure, with response speed of less than 1.5s

  • Using wearing material during the design of sensors to enable long service life

  • High temperature resistance, and protection grade reaching IP67

  • Extremely high repeatability, stability and minimal maintenance

  • Changes to coal type and humidity will not affect measurement results.

  • Providing alarm information on primary air duct blockage

  • Easy installation and easy wiring

  • RTU communication interface with modbus

  • Meeting IEC61000-4(GB/T 17626) standards

  • High reliability and strong anti-interference ability

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